The Northampton County coroner is looking for next-of-kin for Richard Klejmont,
who was found dead at the Quality Inn on South 3rd Street in Easton on Dec. 26.

Coroner Zachary Lysek said the motel was the scene of a fire.

A fire occurred Dec. 18 and the Quality Inn was closed until Dec. 22.

In the process of securing lodging elsewhere for guests, explained the coroner, the motel's operators allowed them to go back to their rooms for their belongings. Apparently, Klejmont went back to his room and stayed there.

Lysek said the cause and manner of Klejmont's death remain under investigation.

Klejmont, 59, is originally from Brooklyn, New York, according to Lysek.

Anyone with information is asked to call the coroner's office at 610-258-1806.