Grief counselors were at Trexler Middle School in Allentown on Friday, the day after an eighth grader was killed riding his bicycle.  

Jenuel Nunez, 15, ran a stop sign at 16th and Union streets and rode his bicycle into an oncoming truck Thursday afternoon, police said.

"He was mad nice," said friend Bryan Osorto. "He was funny too, and it's a tragedy that he had to die like this."

Students said many of them took advantage of counseling.

"They came into our homeroom and they said that if you need to go to the library to like talk to the people, for the counselors and stuff, that we went," said classmate Wesley Martinez.

"There was a lot of crying and sad kids around," added classmate Marlen Belman.

Allentown police are still investigating the accident but said no charges are pending against the driver at this time.

According to those living next to the intersection, close calls are all too common there.

"For at least 40 years, at different times, I've talked to different city officials about making this a four-way stop," said longtime neighbor Richard Ludwig, "and for all those years, they would say things like, 'Oh, we'll have to do a traffic study, etc, etc...'  And nothing ever happens."

Neighbor Luis Perez added:  "We have three schools that are located right here in this area, so I mean, in a situation like that, I think it is necessary."

Nunez's classmates, riding their own bikes home from school, said his death is a sobering safety lesson.

"I just can't believe it," said classmate Michael Bogucki.  "I've always rode my bike; I thought it would be so safe around here.  Now, I know to be more careful with the cars and everything."