A couple in Lehigh County pulls the ultimate "gotcha" on those closest to them, just in time for the holidays.

USMC (Ret.) Sergeant Jonathan Tompkins and his fiancé Teaya Beans knew they wanted a wedding.

"We wanted to be married. We want to spend the rest of our lives together," Tompkins said.

But they didn't want everyone else to know when, until the day of.

Back in March, the couple decided to plan their special day in secret.

"He said it jokingly and I said "Yes, let's do that and surprise everyone,'" Beans said.

The couple invited those closest to them to an award ceremony for Jonathan on Sunday.

"Everyone thinks they are coming for an award for the work I've been doing for a non-profit," Tompkins said.

But once they arrived at the Glasbern Inn in Fogelsville, Lehigh Co., they realized they were invited to the start of Tompkins' and Beans' life together.

"They are going to open up an invitation that says "Today's the Date," Beans said.

Even the man that knows Jonathan Tompkins best was pleasantly fooled.

"We were quite surprised," said Lynn Tompkins, Jonathan's father.