David Rose, Easton's town crier, to make voice heard at international competition

Posted: 4:55 PM EDT Jul 25, 2013   Updated: 5:44 PM EDT Jul 25, 2013
Easton town crier

These days, if you want to know something, you turn on your TV or go online, but back in the day, you got your news from the town crier.

That historical craft is still alive and well in Easton. 

"Oye! Oye!" rings out across Centre Square. A man dressed in colonial garb said, "My name is David Rose. I am the appointed town crier for Easton, Pennsylvania."

Rose is a bit of a big mouth.

"The town crier was also available to do announcements of emergencies, such as children being lost, that would assemble the crowd to perform some sort of community duty," said Rose.

But in modern times, he is a mouth with a different mission.

"It's basically somebody who promotes local events, promotes the city," said Rose, who has been crafting his crying for 10 years, drawing inquisitive looks from passersby, posing for pictures and crying about Easton.

He'll take those cries to the International Town Crier Championships in Kingston, Ontario, Canada, on Aug. 1.

"There is going to be a hometown cry where we promote our own town, and I will be calling people's attention with a conch shell, which was used by canal boat captains here in Easton," said Rose.

The competitors will be judged on sustained volume, clarity, diction, the content of the cry and their attire, but Rose said there's no bigger prize than the smiles of those who hear his cries.