The recycling director position pays $76,787 a year.

Conway’s current position pays $58,690 a year.

Reynolds told the administration: “If Mr. Conway becomes the new person, you guys are comfortable with one person for the rest of the year. But if Mr. Conway is not the person, then you guys are comfortable with two people.”

Said Donchez: “I’m comfortable with two people until the end of the year simply because there would be a transition and Mr. Conway does have experience that would help the new person if he is not selected.”

Reynolds said council was not going to weigh in on whom the administration should hire to be the recycling director, telling the
mayor: “That’s completely your decision.”

Alicia Karner, the city’s director of community and economic development, explained the recycling director “looks at the big picture at the recycling center” while the other person manages the day-to-day operations.

She described the recycling center and compost center as high profile operations that generate many inquiries and complaints from city residents.

“In my short time here, I’ve had more inquiries and complaints from the residents regarding that facility than any other aspect of what I do,” said Karner.

She said eliminating one recycling position “absolutely” will add additional pressure to other bureaus within her community and economic development, including to her.

Dolan said the person working for the recycling director was brought on to handle commercial aspects of recycling. She said the city has had some problems enforcing commercial recycling contracts.

But she indicated advertisements for the recycling director position included those duties in that job description.