He said that environmental clean-up could take up to 18 months. Until that is done, he said, it’s not a marketable property. “We’re going to put it into a condition that it will marketable.”

McCarthy said the property was a major manufacturing site for many decades. He said it originally was the site of Traylor Engineering, then Fuller Company.

“This is a very important property to be developed,” said Dougherty. “If it’s going to be industry, it is going to bring good paying jobs back to the Lehigh Valley. I’m totally in support of this.”

Last September, county commissioners rejected a KOZ designation for the same S. 10th Street property by a 6-2 vote. But then it was privately owned and that owner owed back taxes.

Said Dougherty: “It was before us one other time and we turned it down, because we thought people were lined up getting ready to buy it. But once the KOZ was not accepted by this board, any interest in that site went away.”

Commissioner Brad Osborne said approval of the S. 10th Street property will allow a property “not on the tax rolls today an opportunity to get on the tax rolls. And presumably, at the end of the 10 years, it’s rolling – we’ve got employment, we’ve got taxes that reflect the full value of that land.”