It's not exactly like winning the lotto, but the state Treasury Department is holding 58 million dollars that belongs to residents of Pennsylvania, maybe you.

The good news is the state wants to give it all back.

All you have to do is check a website and verify that part of the pot belongs to you.

It's money that hasn't been claimed by residents of Pennsylvania

"We're talking about 58 million dollars that belong to folks who should be trying to reclaim it," said PA Treasurer, Rob McCord.

"I wish some of it is mine," said Hanover Township resident, Barbara Martucci.

It could be yours, the property is forgotten stocks, uncashed paychecks, bank accounts, or even the contents of a safe deposit box. 

All the property has been converted to cash by the state Treasury Department and now it's waiting for you to claim it.

"Ninety percent of the time people end up saying I didn't know this money was there," said McCord.

Checking to see if the state owes you money is easy.

All you have to do is call the Treasury Department at (800) 222-2046, or go onto www.patreasury.gov

"I actually did go on the website once and look up our name but there was nothing there," said Martucci. "It's hard to believe there is that much money laying around. Especially in this economy."

"We remind people don't just look in your name and in your parents name or whatever," said McCord. "Look in your loved ones names, look in your neighbors names, and look in the names of organizations you care about."

The goal is to give the money back to the person or organization it belongs to.

"We've had people get multi hundred thousand dollar checks from unclaimed property," added McCord

Workers say the average claim is $1,200.

So remember www.patreasury.gov or call (800) 222-2046.