The Easton Area School Board reviewed several changes to the Controlled Substance and Paraphernalia Policy at the Standing Committee Meeting on Tuesday night. The policy, along with four others, will be up for preliminary review at the next Regular School Board meeting and up for final adoption at the Regular Board meeting next month.

The changes that are proposed to be made to Policy 227, the Controlled Substance and Paraphernalia Policy, include consequences for students disobeying school policy both on and off campus as well as any changes to their extra curricular involvement as a result.

If a student participates in drug and alcohol use on campus, whether physically in one of the school buildings, on school grounds, or on a school bus, they are subject to suspension and expulsion along with any legal actions if appropriate. The proposed change to this policy regarding extra curricular activities would implement a 28-day probationary period for any student for their first offense to the policy. In regards to athletics, this probationary period would mean that the student is able to practice with the team for the 28 days, however they are prohibited from competing in any games.

For other clubs and organizations in school, the student will be able to participate and attend meetings, however they cannot compete if applicable.

Although the student is not subject to suspension or expulsion if the offense occurs on a weekend or off of school grounds, the 28-day probationary period will still be applicable.

“This policy gives consequence and intervention,” comments Alyssa Emili, Director of Pupil Services.

According to Emili, the 28-day period was chosen to make sure the student realizes the offense will not be tolerated by the School District, but will give them time to come back during the season to redeem themselves.

However, the second offense to this policy would result in a 60-day probationary period. During this period, the student would be prohibited from practicing as well as competing for their team or organization.

The Board and the general public will review Policy 227, along with policies regarding student discipline, searches, suspension and expulsion, and CPR, at the next School Board meeting scheduled for May 14th. Final adoption, if applicable, will take place at the Regular School Board meeting in June.