Emmaus Council discusses sound system security

Posted: 11:39 PM EDT May 20, 2013

The Emmaus Council discussed security options for the newly purchased sound system for the Borough parks at its meeting on Monday night.

Council recently purchased a new sound system for the parks from a fund designed specifically for park improvements.  However, the security of this system during the off-season was in question.

“My biggest concern is in the winter,” commented Council Vice President Brian Holtzhafer.

There is a security system already in place on the arts pavilion, where the sound system is located.  According to Holtzhafer, the security system on the pavilion requires a code to be entered as well as to exit the pavilion.

Along with security doubts, the only source of heat to keep the sound system warm during the winter months is a small light bulb placed in the box with the sound system.

Council considered bringing the sound system to Borough Hall during the off-season in order to keep it safe and prevent it from freezing outside.

Council did not make a final decision regarding the sound system, and will revisit the discussion closer to the end of the summer when the parks are closer to closing for the year.