"I don't support it," said Labenberg. "I think it's going to be an administrative boondoggle."

"Sometimes we get so short-sighted," said Brown.

"You mean me?" asked Labenberg.

"I too tend to get short-sighted," said Brown. "But we've got to look at the bigger picture. The one thing we're accused of as this council is that we have no vision. It frustrates the heck out of me that we just go year-to-year."

Brown said his goal is to continue economic development for Emmaus and LERTA is one tool to accomplish that.

He told Labenberg: "If you still want a blighted building, then I just don't understand why you're so narrow-minded."

"I have a voice," said Labenberg. He said he doesn't want to see Brown do a lot of work on LERTA and then it gets voted down 4-3. Brown suggested an immediate vote.

Gilbert ended the argument between the two council members.

Holtzhafer told Brown he would be more willing to support a specific quality project than designating a section of Emmaus as eligible for LERTA and then saying: "Hey, if somebody wants to develop this, we'll help you out. I don't support a blind LERTA."

Brown said finding such specific projects "is our goal this year."