Expect more construction delays on Route 33

Posted: 8:00 PM EDT May 27, 2013   Updated: 9:02 AM EDT May 29, 2013

Smooth sailing on Route 33 near Wind Gap may be a distant memory soon as road crews will start a major road work by Wednesday night.

The $13 million project is not expected to be complete until 2015 and some business owners say it could hurt their bottom line.

Route 33 and Route 512 will be reduced to one lane in each direction at some point in the two year project.

Some business owners think customers will avoid the area and their businesses.

PennDot officials are not saying that traffic will come to a standstill but motorist need to be ready to hit the brakes on Route 33 in Wind Gap.

"Really rebuilding the infrastructure on 33 and 512 in this area," said Sean Brown, PennDOT press officer. "Providing a nice new roadway and bridges for the motoring public."

The public may be happy two years from now but what about now?

"With the traffic and that is going to be caused by it, people might avoid the area," said Jason Lipsky, owner of Bushkill Auto Sales.

Lipsky says the road work is going to hurt his business.

"The dust on the cars and stuff like that," added Lipsky. "We spend a lot of time getting these cars cleaned and the dust will be an everyday thing now."

Crews will re-pave parts of Route 33 and 512.

There will also be work on the on and off ramps, and a new traffic light will be installed at Jacobsburg Road.

The $13 million project won't be finished until spring of 2015.

Lipsky is hoping he will still be making plenty of sales by then.

"Whenever there is construction I try to avoid that area," said Lipsky. "So we'll have to change our ways to get our name out there and see what we can do."

Road work will start on Wednesday night.

PennDOT tells us they will try to keep as many lanes open as possible to prevent traffic delays.