Forensic Forum

Wecht spoke for more than an hour, then answered questions from the audience for another 25 minutes.

He said Elvis Presley died not of heart disease, but from 12 central nervous system depressant drugs, including tranquilizers, sedatives and anti-depressants.

One of the several books Wecht has written is about JonBenet Ramsey, the six-year-old Colorado beauty pageant queen found dead in the basement of her home in 1996. He does not believe it was a botched kidnapping attempt, indicating it made no sense for kidnappers to write a ransom note, but then forgot to take the body. He believes JonBenet accidentally was killed by her father during a sex game.

Wecht spoke at the latest in a series of Forensic Forums organized by Ramsland, who teaches forensic psychology at DeSales.

Ramsland introduced Wecht by saying “he seeks social truth and justice in some of our greatest forensic mysteries.”

“I’ve given you the forensic scientific facts,” Wecht told the audience. “I have not said a thing here today that is not subject to corroboration.”

In addition to being a forensic pathologist who has done more than 18,000 autopsies, Wecht is a doctor, a lawyer, an author and a legal and medical consultant who frequently weighs in on high-profile deaths in the national news media.

He said he was interviewed a few months ago for a History Channel program about the Kennedy assassination, which will air in November.

He is clinical professor at the University of Pittsburgh’s Schools of Medicine, Dental Medicine and Graduate School of Public Health.

He said he has another book coming out about the Kennedy assassination in about a month.

He also said his first e-book, called “Final Exams,” is coming out next week.