Gasps, groans, cheers, and jeers could be heard coming from soccer fans cheering on Team USA on Thursday, but they didn't exactly get the outcome they were hoping for.

Many dubbed it the round of death, but the U.S. is still alive, despite a loss to Germany.  

Hundreds, if not thousands, of fans packed the Levitt Pavillion at SteelStacks in Bethlehem to cheer on Team USA as they played Germany in the World Cup.

For a country that isn't traditionally big on soccer, the scene at SteelStacks had the same excitement as a NFL football game. 

As time was running out, a last-minute gasp could be heard as the U.S. lost the game.

George Bauer, one of the few Germans in the stands, however, said the Bethlehem crowd won the game of sportsmanship.

"Everyone was friendly. Nothing to be afraid of. Everything is fine. Both advance, so everyone is happy," he said.

You can watch Team USA play in the knockout round at SteelStacks.