Firefighters in Northampton County had to fight flames and freezing temperatures Wednesday, and now neighbors are rallying around a family that lost everything.

Flames devoured the home at 749 Lahr Rd. in Bushkill Township.

"It was amazing how quickly it burned. It was unbelievable," said Agnesa Lawlor, a neighbor.

Bushkill firefighters called in other departments to help knock down the fire. Hours later, they doused hot spots as a backhoe tore down the charred shell of the house.

All the while, Mother Nature flirted with below-zero wind chills.

Chief Bryan Stahl said fighting fires in such conditions are extremely dangerous. 

"Working and sweating, it's easy to get frostbite, especially if their hands are getting wet or their gloves are getting wet. Hypothermia can kick in," said Stahl said.

No one was injured in the fire.

Area residents are rallying behind the family who lost their home. The Facebook page "Nazareth community supports the victims of the Bushkill Township fire" is asking for donations.

Residents are also applauding the firefighters' efforts.

"They have to be freezing, and I give them a lot of credit for all that they do because it was very very cold. I mean the water coming out of the hose was icing. It was terrible, but they did the best they could," said Lawlor.

Investigators have not yet determined what sparked the fire.