A former KidsPeace counselor, accused of sexual assault, faced his alleged victim in court Tuesday.

A preliminary hearing was held for 23-year-old Jonathan Nivar, who allegedly abused a 14-year-old boy he was supposed to be taking care of.

The boy, who is now 15, testified that what started out as love notes this past January progressed to Nivar forcing him to perform oral sex in February.

The accuser, in graphic detail, said the alleged abuse took place inside Nivar's car in the KidsPeace parking lot in North Whitehall Twp., Lehigh Co., after a walk.

According to court papers, however, Nivar was a counselor from July 2012 until the end of January.

When pressed why he didn't initially tell about the alleged abuse, the teen said he was scared of what his parents would say and what Nivar might do.

KidsPeace has said it put Nivar through all the proper background and security checks, and he had proper recommendations.

"We're cooperating fully with the investigation and take these kinds of allegations very seriously," KidsPeace said in a statement in June.

Nivar's family declined to comment, but shortly after the 23-year-old man's arrest, his stepfather defended him, saying he didn't believe the charges.

The judge dropped charges in connection with an alleged incident involving a second victim. Prosecutors said they plan to refile those charges.

Bail for Nivar was set at $250,000. He will be back in court on Aug. 23.