A request to pay an expert to prune certain trees at a Northampton County park did not take root among officials who would have to foot the bill.

Hanover Township supervisors declined the request from the township Shade Tree Advisory Commission Tuesday night to spend $3,600 on a certified arborist to prune 30 trees along the walking path in Crawford Park.

Supervisor Stephen Salvesen said the commission is concerned that if the pruning is not done correctly, "you could lose the trees."

However, supervisor John Nagle seemed to summarize what other board members were thinking when he asked, "Isn't this stuff we can do for ourselves?"

Supervisor Glenn Walbert suggested to director of public works Vincent Milite that he tell the shade tree commission members "show us what to do, and we'll do it."

But Milite was cool to the idea, saying, "No matter what we do [it] will never be good enough for them."

Salvesen noted the 2014 budget "is very tight," and that the commission's request was not submitted in time for inclusion in next year's spending plan.

However, he said the request could be kept on file and the allocation could be discussed further in the future.

Diacogiannis noted, "I appreciate there is a need, but I think we have needs ... where [the] money could be better spent."

The chairman was alluding to township manager John Finnigan Jr.'s report that a new server is needed for the computer network at the Community Center, and that it would cost $10,000.

After noting that there's no money in the budget for the new server, Finnigan said "the latest Band-Aid" was put on the server last week. "It's a grade two server, and now we're up to grade eight," he added, referring to the server's age.