The Harris Street Bridge replacement plan has not gone according to plan.

The members of the Hellertown Borough Council voted to have Bob Cox of Barry Isett & Associates, Inc., the company of the borough engineer, pass along a message of their extreme discontent.

“In my opinion, it’s not what we paid for and they can take it out and start it again,” said Thomas Riegler, a council member.

Cox had addressed the council with an update about the replacement of the bridge at Monday night’s council meeting. According to Cox, the contractor on the project, Grace Industries, owed him a report on the project by noon Monday but he never received one.

“We’re paying for a new bridge; we have a damaged bridge,” said Philip Weber, another council member. “I don’t care if you use an epoxy based bonding agent… it’s just not going to work. As far as I’m concerned, I think our stance has to be to jack hammer it out and do it correctly.”

Grace Industries was not present for comment.

Another Barry Isset & Associates representative, Robert Korp, their manager of major projects, addressed the council about some ideas to alleviate the space issue at Borough Hall.

Korp offered two suggestions, the first including some new construction and a re-imagining of the current stables near Borough Hall. The second plan expanded the current Borough Hall to take over ten current parking spaces.

The council had many questions about these projects, including an issue about the seeming impossibility of having the police contained to one floor.

Korp did not offer any estimates for the project, as they are still very preliminary and costs may depend upon the status of the buildings, mainly the stables. Korp noted that he was asked to create some ideas for the council earlier this year.

The council voted to table any decisions on these projects until early 2014.