Home heating oil prices in the Lehigh Valley are up anywhere from five to 15 percent.

A representative from one company attributed the increase to greater demand, while another said it is because of supply problems.

Jane Domitrowits, manager at Apgar Oil in Allentown, said the price of home heating oil has gone up five percent in the last two months.

She said customers perceive that increase as unusual,  "but it really comes down to supply and demand. There's much bigger demand this year."

Domitrowits said Apgar has not experienced a supply problem; they've had no problem getting oiI.

She said propane and natural gas prices also are increasing. She has heard propane distributors are on allocations, but there have been no such limits on heating oil in the valley.

But Tony Malandra, owner of Yeager's Fuel in Allentown, said there's "a real supply problem" with home hearing oil in the Valley.  He said suppliers are getting fuel oil  just in time so there's no disruption in deliveries or service.

Malandra speculates that several big natural gas users have switched to heating oil, which has caused the lower-than-normal supply.

Malandra said prices have been on the rise since the middle of January when temperature dropped.  He estimates the cost increase at 10-15 percent over the entire season thus far.