Lower Macungie would like sidewalks installed along Indian Creek Road on the north edge of the development. “We’re trying to get pedestrian connectivity throughout the whole township,” said Pandl.

She said the township also has asked the developer to determine if the existing golf cart path could become be part of a walking/bicycling trail linking Lower Macungie’s Camp Olympic Park and Emmaus shops along Chestnut Street. She acknowledged: “There are concerns about using the cart path if golfers are on it.”

Said Koze: “Now we’re debating about how do you deal with walking paths where there is golf, to make sure nobody gets hurt.”

Open space and emergency access

The proposed overlay district ordinance for Emmaus stipulates 50 percent of the development should be open space. Koze proposes slightly less: 31 of the 72 acres. “I don’t know if I can make 50 percent,” he said, adding Upper Milford requires 30 percent open space.

A gated access roadway for emergency vehicles is planned to link Chestnut Street and the development, crossing through the Farmhouse restaurant/Indian Creek golf course entrance, which are owned by the Arthur Schmidt family. Koze will pay the Schmidts for an easement to put in that emergency access, as well as for a sewer line that will cross their property. (The development will have public water and sewer.) People living in the development will be able to walk on that access road to shop on Chestnut Street.

Koze said the development has enough buffer space so any future widening of the turnpike can be done without impacting homes in the development.