A man from Indiana spit into the mouth of a Bethlehem police officer and then bit him during an arrest, officials said.

Jose A. Perez-Santiago began scuffling with police who were trying to arrest him after they found him lying in his own vomit in the roadway in the 700 block of East Fourth Street in Bethlehem around 11:15 p.m. Saturday, officials said.

Police called an ambulance because Perez-Santiago was so intoxicated that he could not stand up and was slurring his words, officials noted.

Perez-Santiago began trying to bite and kick officers when they attempted to handcuff him after he began yelling that he would refuse medical treatment, officials said.

Perez-Santiago spit into the face of Ofc. Samule del Rosario, hitting him in the mouth and on the chin, after trying to bite del Rosario's right arm, officials said.

Perez-Santiago also tried to bite Ofc. William Audelo's right thigh, and shoved his sister to the ground after she came to the scene to calm him down, they said,

Del Rosario was taken to the hospital, where he was treated for bloodborne pathogen exposure, officials said.

A spit mask was placed on Perez-Santiago's head before he was taken to the hospital because he continued to try to spit at police, officials noted.

Perez-Santiago, 48, of Hammond, Ind., is facing charges of aggravated and simple assault, disorderly conduct, resisting arrest, public drunkenness and harassment.

Court papers do not say if Perez-Santiago was arraigned on the charges, or if bail has been set in the case.