A jury has issued a ruling in a lawsuit stemming from the case of serial killer nurse Charles Cullen.

Cullen was convicted of murdering 22 patients in Pennsylvania and New Jersey, including five at St. Luke's Hospital.

In 2004, two families filed suit against St. Luke's claiming that their relatives died under Cullen's watch. That suit was dismissed.

Then St. Luke's sued the families back under the Dragnetti Act, claiming that their suit was frivolous.

That suit was also dismissed.

The families then used the Dragnetti Act to sue St. Luke's again, claiming that St. Luke's misused civil proceedings and acted with gross negligence and without probable cause when suing them.

Tuesday a jury ruled in their favor.

Clifford Haines , an attorney for the families says he expects St. Luke's to appeal.

Haines said they might appeal some of the ruling as well because the jury found that there were no monetary damages.