A charge of criminal homicide was added against 21-year-old Kelvin Marquis Harris of Allentown during a preliminary hearing Friday.

Other charges that stand against Harris after the hearing are robbery that inflicts serious bodly injury and conspiracy to robbery that does that same.

Harris is charged with conspiring with 18-year-old Charles Washington and a 14-year-old juvenile to rob the victim, 27-year-old Lionel Blackledge, of $300 dollars worth of marijuana.

The shooting happened at 4:47 p.m. April 13 in the 100 block of East Cumberland Street.

Blackledge was found shot in his car and later died of multiple gunshot wounds.

According to Allentown police, Harris -- who was known as "Thirty-shot" -- provided Washington with the .40 caliber handgun used in the shooting.

Police said they have footage from a surveillance video camera that shows Harris handing Washington the gun while the men were on a front porch in the 100 block of Cumberland, just before the shooting.

Preliminary hearings were held in May for Washington, who also is charged with homicide, and 19-year-old Sahir Terry, who is is charged with hindering the investigation.

Harris resided in the 1000 block of Court Street in the city.