A man is charged with multiple crimes for swinging a knife at two victims during a fight and for drug possession.

Police say 26-year-old Osiris Bernal of 19 E. Gunhill Rd. Bronx, NY, was seen running from the scene at 25. S. 3rd Street at the Easton Bus Terminal after a fight at about 3:30 p.m Monday.

Police say they saw Bernal throw something into a garbage can in the South East Quad of the circle during a foot chase.

After Bernal was taken into custody, a folding blade knife was found on his person.

Police also found 122 packets of heroin from the garbage can in the South East Quad of the circle.

Bernal has been charged with multiple crimes including aggravated assault, recklessly endangering, possessing instruments of crime, possession of controlled substances, possessing with intent to deliver and receiving stolen property.

 Bernal was arraigned at NCP in front of District Judge Yetter and committed to the same facility on $85000 bail, according to police.