A Lehigh University student who sued the school over a failing grade has failed in her bid to get a new trial.

Megan Thode was in court on Nov. 12 to ask a judge to reconsider his ruling that said Lehigh did not discriminate against her when she got a C-plus grade in 2009.

Thode claimed she was punished for speaking out against changes to the class and for her work as a gay and lesbian rights advocate.

On Monday, Judge Emil Giordano issued an order denying a new trial for Thode.

Giordano said the reason for her grade was purely academic and nothing more.

Gary Sasso, Dean of the College of Education at Lehigh, said, "Lehigh University is pleased with the judge's decision in this case to uphold the principle that university faculty have the responsibility to fairly evaluate the work of their students and that academic rigor should not be compromised."