Lehigh University hosts engineering, science camp for girls

Posted: 2:32 PM EDT Jul 10, 2013   Updated: 5:41 PM EDT Jul 10, 2013

Lehigh University is serving as home base for a unique summer camp that's engineered just for girls.

The university this week is hosting CHOICES, which is an engineering and science outreach program.

The goal of the camp is to get middle school girls excited about about careers in the engineering field, and they got to build their very own roller coasters Wednesday.

Organizers said the CHOICES camp is a great way to show girls that engineering can be a creative and rewarding field.

"The engineering, problem-solving approach, which is what we're teaching them, can be used at any level of engineering, and that's what we're trying to convince them of," said Bill Best, professor, Lehigh University. "There is so much room in engineering for creativity, for innovation, for design."

Also this week, the girls will be constructing a water tower and creating their own Rube-Goldberg machines.