They've been gone for months.

On Friday, members of the Pennsylvania Army National Guard returned home from the Middle East.

The balloons say it all.

It's a celebration because a special soldier has come home.

"I knew I had to grab my bags first off because as soon as I seem them I didn't want to go do anything else," said Staff Sergeant Ronnie Humanick, who just returned home from Kuwait.

The special people Ronnie Humanick was looking for, his twin girls Mia and Maddie.

The Slatington native has been deployed in Kuwait for the last eight months with the Pennsylvania Army National Guard.

"It was a very emotional time," added wife, Cortney Humanick. "I was sad that he had to go while I was still pregnant and I was sad knowing that I was going to have to go through the birth without him."

Ronnie was actually able to be with his wife during the birth of his twins..

He watched the whole thing, from his base in Kuwait via Skype.

"I was nervous," said Cortney. "Still upset that he wasn't going to be there but then I got him up on Skype and I seen him and he got to be with me."

"Actually my brother was there when the twins were born," added Ronnie. "He actually got to watch along with me which was a very special moment for me."

The twins are now seven months old.

"Seeing your kids on a computer screen for the last seven months, it doesn't really hit you until they are in your arms," said Ronnie.

Humanick is loving his new assignment as dad.

"I'm taking it easy on him," said Cortney. "He got home and he put one of them to sleep and we fed them dinner together. Then one of them pooped and I said here she's yours."

"Not going anywhere, just watch them grow and be a dad," added Ronnie.