But he said the costs for construction and maintenance of those proposed roads would be entirely paid by the developers. "The township would not incur any cost."

"I was pleased to see the commissioners take votes on three items that help the project move forward," said Muller after the meeting.

Closing a gap in path

On an issue not related to Hamilton Crossings, commissioners voted 4-1 to permit Pandl to apply for a PennDOT grant to add a missing section of paved pathway near Lower Macungie Middle School.

About a one-third-mile-long section macadam path would be added at the northwest corner of the intersection of Lower Macungie Road and Krocks Road.

It would begin at the end of Fairway Lane in the Shepherd Hills neighborhood, go down Krocks, then go west on Lower Macungie Road to connect with an existing path near the school.

Pandl said the path would be installed on school district property. She said the grant would pay for construction, but the township and school district would pay for permits and engineering.

Higgins voted against seeking the grant, saying putting the path on school district property would not be the best use of the township's money, "even though most of it is coming from a grant." He said township money should be used for walkways in areas utilized more for business access where walking is necessary.

Beitler disagreed, saying: "I live on Lower Macungie Road and I can tell you there are walkers on Lower Macungie Road daily. This is addressing an existing public safety issue."

"We do see a lot of walkers in this area along the shoulder," said Pandl.