If an agreement isn't worked out Major League Baseball teams, including the Phillies, may not get new uniforms.

The company that makes those uniforms, Majestic Athletic, is based in Northampton County.

It's currently in negotiations with the union on a new contract.

But so far the two sides have a way to go.

The issue of healthcare premiums is keeping both sides from signing the contract.

Both sides say they are negotiating in good faith, but right now they are far from agreement.

The employees at Majestic Athletic in Palmer Township, Northampton County, have been working without a contract since May 31st.

They've been negotiating for over a month.

"The major issue is the healthcare," said Samuel Patti, a Majestic employee. "We are trying to keep it affordable for our members."

VF Imagewear owns Majestic Athletic and calls the healthcare issue a temporary sticking point between the two groups.

"Both sides are negotiating in good faith," added Scott Schoener, vice president of human resources for VF Imagewear. "We certainly plan to continue do so and as long as we both continue to do so I think we'll be fine."

The workers make uniforms for all 30 Major League Baseball teams.

"All of our members take pride in it and even some of them, they have it down to a point where they know what size the players wear and everything when they make the garments," said Patti.

Now the people who make your favorite team colors could stop the presses.

Workers say their healthcare premiums would double under the new plan.

A company spokesperson refused to talk about specifics.

"What we are trying to do is offer them the same exact benefit package as the rest of our employees at VF have," said Schoener.

"They're worried that we're not going to get the affordable healthcare," added Patti. "They are going to have to work where they can't afford to pay for it or we are not going to have a job."

Some members of the union have talked about striking, but leadership says they will continue to negotiate with the company.