Ali E. Davis, who is spending life behind bars for the gangland-style murders of three people, has filed an appeal.

Davis, who was convicted in the 2007 shootings of three people inside a West Ward apartment, has filed a post-conviction release act petition, according to Assistant District Attorney Terry Houck.

In the petition, Davis says his lawyer is ineffective. In court on Wednesday, Davis claimed his lawyer told him the state was offering him 20-40 years in prison in which the sentences for all his convictions would run concurrently, but that his lawyer later told him he'd receive a sentence of 80 to 160 years. Davis claims his lawyer did not explain the deal correctly.

Houck says no such deal was ever offered by the state to Davis, who is serving a life sentence. Houck says Davis's petition has no merit and is confident it will not succeed.

Davis was convicted for his role in the execution-style killings that prosecutors said was in retaliation for a gang shooting in New Jersey. Along with Davis, three other people were convicted in the killings.