A man who roughed up the mother of his three children injured himself jumping from a balcony to escape police questioning, officials said.

Juan E. Rivedra, also known as Juan Rivera, was taken to the hospital after jumping from a second-floor balcony at the Villani apartment complex at 2027 Willow Park Road, Bethlehem Township, Northampton Co., at about 4:50 a.m. Sunday, officials said.

Rivedra's escape attempt was thwarted by his injuries, and when police found him he claimed his altercation with the mother of his three children had not turned physical, officials said.

The domestic squabble caused such a commotion that several residents of the apartment complex called to report it, officials added.

The victim told police Rivedra slapped her face during an argument that began after he came into their apartment drunk, slamming doors and punching a hole in the wall, officials said.

Rivedra grabbed her by the arm, dragged her up a stairwell and threw her to the floor after she tried to run from their apartment, causing bruises to her shoulder, elbow and wrist and a scratch on her neck, officials said.

The victim escaped a second time and was one of the people who called police, officials said.

Court papers show Rivedra, 36, was arraigned on assault and harassment charges, but do not say if bail was set.