A man who stole a motorcycle used it to bilk a Northampton County woman out of $140, officials said.

Christopher C. Ridgeway is being sought on charges of receiving stolen property and theft by deception in connection with using a motorcycle he stole Monday in Bethlehem as collateral Tuesday to get money from Margret Schenewolf, of the 200 block of Canal Road, Williams Township, ostensibly to buy a bus ticket to see his ailing sister in Virginia, officials said.

The motorcycle was stolen from Reinaldo Figueroa, they noted.

Ridgeway first approached Schenewolf's neighbor, Daniel McNamara, around 10 a.m. Tuesday to ask for help in getting his disabled red 1981 Suzuki 650 Cruiser running, so he could go to Roanoke where his sister was hospitalized with a stroke, officials said.

When McNamara couldn't help, he contacted Schenewolf and her boyfriend, James McCowan, officials said.

Schenewolf eventually agreed to loan Ridgeway $140, after he offered to leave his motorcycle as collateral, they said.

McCowan got the money for Ridgeway using Schenewolf's bank card, but Ridgeway disappeared after McCowan drove him to the Easton bus terminal to buy a ticket, even though he was supposed to return to Schenewolf's home to wait until it was time to leave, officials said.

Ridgeway, 43, whose last known address was 415 Front St., Easton, was described as having an earring in each ear, facial hair from his lower lip to his chin, a sunken face, a black-and-blue right eye, and tattoos on his arms and across the back of his neck.