"They didn't think it was funny," said Guldin. "I got Ryan mad and I'm sorry I did."

But the resident felt he had to do something more dramatic to make his point after twice before standing in front of commissioners about the tough-to-resolve problem of township residents not cleaning up dog feces.

"I was talking to a wall," said Guldin.

He seemed most annoyed with Lancsek, which may be way he set the bag in front of him.

Guldin said Lancsek repeated told him that he could enforce the township dog law by taking photographs of defecating dogs and their owners.

 Guldin is a 68-year-old retired Mack Trucks employee who resides in Lower Macungie's Wild Cherry Knoll neighborhood. He said he owns a small dog.

He had collected the dog waste in the bag from a walking path along Wild Cherry Lane.

"One guy with a rottweiler walks on the trail a lot. His wife cleans up but he does not clean up."

He said the township keeps telling him to catch people and their dogs in the act -- by taking pictures of the dogs "taking a dump" and the owners leading them away without cleaning up. He said township officials keep telling him the ordinance allows him to present those pictures to the local magistrate.

But he said the magistrate repeatedly has told him only a township official can enforce Lower Macungie's dog ordinance.

Guldin said he never actually took pictures of anyone with a defecating dog.

"I will watch," he said. "I will get the pictures. I think we will see results."