Workers are racing the clock to clean up mold found in another Bethlehem school before classes start Monday.

According to the East Hills Middle School website, crews are diligently working to reduce the mold levels inside several classrooms.

The latest test results indicated that remediation efforts are working, but work is taking longer than expected, officials said.

Erring on the side of caution, the contractor is re-cleaning rooms to lower mold results.

Air quality testing will continue through the weekend, and officials said some students may be relocated to other classrooms within the building on the first day of classes--which is scheduled for Monday.

Officials said there's a chance that the school will not be ready to open on Monday.

As updates are available, they'll be posted on the Bethlehem Area School District website.

The school is located at 2005 Chester Avenue in Bethlehem.

Another school in the district -- Farmersville Elementary School in Bethlehem Twp., -- is also being monitored for mold. Cleanup is in progress, but officials said it may not be completed in time to open Monday.