Moravian College in Bethlehem has always been home to the 'Hounds. Now campus is open to all dogs.

College officials said its new dog-friendly policy allows faculty and staff to bring their family dogs to campus.

According to school officials: "The policy is aimed at improving the quality of campus life while providing a safe, non-threatening and healthy environment for faculty, staff and students."

There are strings, er, leashes attached to the policy.

All dogs must be spayed/neutered, clean, well-behaved, non-aggressive, housebroken, and current on shots and flea treatments.

“Since Moravian College is home of the Greyhounds [mascot] where students are proud to be called ‘Hounds,’ it seems even more appropriate that we allow faculty and staff to bring their dogs to campus,” said President Bryon Grigsby. “A large number of research studies have demonstrated the  physical, emotional, and social benefits of canine companionship. We believe the campus community will be enlivened by the presence of some friendly dogs on campus.”

There are certain places where the dogs are not welcome, such as shared offices, athletic venues, food service and dining areas, as well as student rooms.

Students may see dogs of faculty members in classes, if advance notice is provided and there are no student concerns, such as fear or allergies.

A Hound Council is being established to consider any violations of the dog friendly policy on Moravian’s campus.