Nancy Argentino died under "unusual circumstances" in Lehigh County on May 11, 1983.

Family members said Argentino, then 23, was dating pro-wrestler Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka at the time. 

Argentino was reportedly found unconscious at the George Washington Motor Lodge in Whitehall Twp., Lehigh Co. The couple was staying there while on the road for one of Snuka's performances at the Allentown Fairgrounds.

"They said she got hit in the back of the head. When she fell, she hit the back of her head and that's what caused her injuries and for her to pass," said Lorraine Salome, Argentino's sister.

In an interview on the Sam Roberts podcast show, posted to YouTube last year, Snuka said Argentino fell and struck her head while going to the bathroom.

Argentino's family said her death came four months after a violent argument the couple had while staying at a motel in upstate New York.

"She called me and wanted me to help her get away from him and come home," Salome said.

According to the Onondaga County Sheriff's Office, Snuka was charged with second and third degree assault for injuring Argentino and a responding officer in January, 1983.  

The Herald-Journal in Syracuse, N.Y., reported that Snuka became angry with Argentino because she ignored him while he was talking to her about "the truth of God."  According to the report, Snuka eventually pleaded guilty to harassment in a plea deal. In exchange, the other charges were dropped. 

Salome said the couple worked things out and continued dating.

"When she got into this thing in Allentown, I felt tremendous remorse because I felt if I could have gotten to a telephone, I would have been the one she would have called," Salome said.

On Tuesday, Lehigh County District Attorney Jim Martin said a grand jury would re-examine Argentino's death.

Officials in Lehigh County have not said if there are any suspects in the case.