National HS Hall of Fame pulls out of Easton's new intermodal facility

City looks for new tenant

Posted: 10:43 AM EST Dec 13, 2013   Updated: 2:57 PM EST Dec 13, 2013
Easton looks for new intermodal tenant

The for rent sign is up once again at Easton's new intermodal facility.

Mayor Sal Panto said the National High School Sports Hall of Fame museum will not be a tenant in 2015.

Construction is moving along on 3rd Street in Easton, but when the $26 million intermodal project is finished, the National High School Sports Hall of Fame Museum will not be a tenant.

"They would like to be in Easton, but they are being wooed by other cities that are offering them tax incentives, cash incentives and we just don't have that," said Panto.

The tax incentives don't help the non-profit group, but a larger discount on the rent would have been helpful.

The offer from the city was $14 per square foot, just a $1 per square foot discount according to Panto and hall of fame CEO Bob Ferraro.

"The foot traffic that we are going to be bringing to wherever this thing is located we felt would be an incentive for them to come up with a much better proposal,” said Ferraro.

Panto said he's going to work on keeping the non-profit hall of fame in Easton, but now the focus has to turn to finding a new tenant, and additional tax revenue.

"It's not a lose – lose for the city. It's actually a lose – win," added Panto. "What we lose in tourist attractions, we will gain in tax dollars for the city.”

"Obviously, it was a disappointment to us that we didn't get a better proposal from the city of Easton," said Ferraro. "I understand they have issues that they have to deal with, as well.”

Both sides said they are still looking for a suitable place for the hall of fame in Easton, but a final decision won't be made for another six months.

"We think we bring a lot to the table and obviously other municipalities feel the same way about us,” said Ferraro.