A larger problem in the neighborhood?

Resident Stephen Antalics questioned why council was “making a mountain out of a mole hill” about one garage door when less than a block away, on the roof of the Flat Iron building, is what appears to be “an early warning system in case of a Martian attack.”

“Where are your priorities?” he asked.

He said council passed a resolution that stated the communications dish on the roof of that building would not be seen, but it is highly visible.

“I have to see the monstrosity every day,” said Antalics. “That is a major violation of City Council. Has anyone on council or the administration asked the owner of that building to take down that early warning system?”

That building, at 4th and Broadway, “is the focal point of that area,” said Antalics. He said the building is in the historic district, “but nothing’s been done. I hold you responsible… to correct that monstrosity.”