A proposed Walmart Supercenter is one step closer to becoming reality after the Lehigh Township Zoning Hearing Board unanimously approved granting relief to the company to alter sloping terrain on the proposed site Thursday night.

The 120,000 square foot proposed store would be located off Route 145 and Birch Drive, just south of the Hills at Greenock housing development, according to Adam Bonosky, an engineer with Bohler Engineering.

Under questioning from attorney Tina Makoulian Thursday night, Bonosky said that the steep slopes, dotted by a small contingent of trees, on the property Walmart wishes to develop “limits what you can do” and renders a significant portion of the property undevelopable, in his estimation. The remainder of the property is cultivated, he added.

In addition, Bonosky said, by infringing upon the steep slope, the development will be lowered, thus marginalizing the impact it would visually have upon the Hills at Greenock.

The remainder of Bonosky’s presentation centered around logistics. The primary access to the store will be from Route 145 with a secondary road connecting with Birch Drive. Further discussions revealed the store will sit back from the property line by at least 100 feet. The township’s setback regulations require 30 feet.

Bononsky noted that the plan is nearly the same one that was presented six years previous when the store last sought to develop the property.

Zoning hearing board member Lloyd Hopkins asked Bonosky if the proposal presented would have the least amount of disturbance to the land. Bonosky replied that it was his view that it was the least intrusive path. No township residents questioned Bonosky during time designated to that function during the hearing.

With the zoning relief Walmart wanted now obtained, Bonosky said the next step would be to present a land development plan before the township’s planning commission.