Eichenberg said the experience and knowledge that he and Reis have to offer “will benefit some other organization somewhere, sometime.”

Reis struggled to maintain his composure as he thanked several people, including the voters of Lower Macungie Township. “Being voted on the first elected board of commissioners in the 181-year history of this township was a great privilege for me. It was an honor for which I will always be grateful. And I truly thank the residents that gave me this opportunity.”

Ironically, the two commissioners ended their terms in the first township meeting held in the commissioners’ new meeting room. Called both the fireplace room and the ballroom, it has a raised wooden dais, new carpeting, a new sound system and big screens so both officials and residents can view presentations.

The room’s capacity is 183 people, which Fosselman said also was the capacity of the old meeting room that is next to it in the township building.