Northampton County Council Thursday night approved two high-ranking appointments to the cabinet of county executive John Brown.

Brown said he has given both women marching orders to manage and control costs while effectively delivering county services.

As the county’s new Director of Human Services, Allison E. Frantz will be paid $95,921 and be responsible for, among other things, the operation of Gracedale, one of the largest nursing homes in the state.

Frantz’ department will oversee 992 positions, most of whom work at Gracedale.

Robert Werner, one of the councilmen who voted against the appointment, said he was concerned about Frantz’ experience and readiness to step into the job.

Her previous work experience included overseeing 4-to-8 people, he pointed out.
Frantz’ experience includes a stint as Lehigh County's administrator of HealthChoices.

It’s a program that oversees state funds that are passed to counties for mental and physical health care.

But Werner wasn't impressed by her background.

“The position should not be viewed as on the job training,” Werner said. Council approved her appointment by a 5-3 vote.

Brown’s other appointment was Diane D. Donaher as Director of the Department of Community and Economic Development, at $83,178.

Donaher is the former deputy director of economic development in Bethlehem. She also formed 3D Non-Profit Resources, which advises non-profits on fund-raising.