Off-duty Bethlehem cop involved in DUI crash

Richard M. Hoffman's blood alcohol level was .16 percent, police say

Author: , Reporter, RDuarte@wfmz.com
Published: Dec 24 2013 03:06:02 AM EST   Updated On: Aug 15 2013 05:57:26 AM EDT

Bethlehem Officer charged with DUI


Investigators say an off duty police officer was driving drunk when he hit several parked vehicles on the side of the road and flipped his car onto its side.

One woman says not only was her rental car totaled but she lost her job as a result.

The incident happened early last Thursday at the corner of East Broad and High streets in Bethlehem.

According to police, Richard Hoffman, 34, an off duty police officer with the Bethlehem Police Department, had a blood alcohol level of .16.  That's twice the legal limit.

In a video taken by Dean Martinez, a neighbor who lives across the street from where the crash happened, a dazed and disoriented man is seen coming out of the vehicle that's on its side.

"Why would you put anybody's life in danger, especially your own?  People have to live and he just destroyed my life," said Yolanda Wilson.

Wilson, a mother of two, says she was staying with a friend and had parked her rental car in front of the home. The car was later totaled as a result of the crash.

Because of the totaled vehicle, Wilson says she had no way to get to work in Quakertown and lost her job.

"I feel like crying because I cry everyday about this but what can I do? Life goes on," she said.

Hoffman has been put on paid administrative leave pending an internal investigation.

He now faces two DUI charges and a charge for careless driving.

The owner of one of the other vehicles involved in this crash says his vehicle was also totaled.

69 News went to Officer Hoffman's home for comment; however no one came to the door.


ISIS video is counterpoint to Obama speech

52-second video plays much like a trailer for an action-adventure movie

Author: By Ed Payne CNN
Published: Sep 17 2014 07:49:40 AM EDT   Updated:  1 MIN. AGO
ISIS flag carrier
(CNN) -

The production is slick. The imagery: ominous.

The Islamic State in Iraq and Syria is out with a new video from its Al Hayat Media Center. ISIS also produced the videos of the beheadings of two American journalists and a British aid worker.

It took nearly a week, but this appears to be the terror group's response to President Barack Obama's speech in which he said the U.S. objective in expanded airstrikes would be to "degrade, and ultimately destroy" ISIS.

The President is expected to speak Wednesday about the U.S. strategy for combating ISIS, which also calls itself the "Islamic State."

The 52-second video plays much like a trailer for an action-adventure movie.

There are plenty of slow-motion explosions, and flames are shown engulfing American troops.

There are cameos from President George W. Bush and his "Mission Accomplished" banner, along with plenty of menacing fighters with masks over their faces, ready to execute civilians.

The producers even toss in a clip from Obama at the White House: "American combat troops will not be returning to fight in Iraq," he says.

A lingering explosion puts an exclamation point on the whole thing.

And then the logo, fit for a Hollywood blockbuster: "Flames of War -- fighting has just begun ... Coming soon."

The video fades to black.

An ISIS magazine

Named after a town in northern Syria, Dabiq magazine publishes stories portending a battle between Islam and the West. It has portrayed Obama and Republican Sen. John McCain of Arizona as "crusaders" who will "bring about the complete collapse of the modern American empire."

It also carries images evoking apocalyptic battles between the Sunni extremist group's fighters and the rest of the world, including American soldiers enveloped in flames.

ISIS is taking a page from the playbook of al Qaeda, a former ally that has praised and advocated terrorist attacks in its glossy magazine, Inspire.

But experts say the terrorist groups don't appear have the same propaganda goals.

Inspire focuses more on practical advice for terrorists planning attacks, publishing guides on how to make bombs and get them onto planes.

Dabiq is a vehicle intended to spark desire in its readers to join and fight with ISIS, said Seth Jones, a security analyst at the RAND Corporation.

Kurds say they killed an ISIS commander

The Kurdish fighting force known as the Peshmerga killed an ISIS commander during battle Tuesday, according to a senior Peshmerga official who took part in the operation.

The Peshmerga killed ISIS commander Abu Abdullah during a Kurdish operation to push ISIS farther from Irbil, the capital of Iraq's Kurdish region, the official said on condition of anonymity Wednesday.

In the battle, the Peshmerga reclaimed five Iraqi villages as well as a bridge along the main highway linking Irbil to Mosul, Iraq's second-largest city, according to a senior Peshmerga official taking part in the operations.

The Peshmerga said the battle was meant to push ISIS fighters back toward Mosul, to the west of Irbil -- and part of the Peshmerga's larger plan to reclaim areas that ISIS claimed this year.

ISIS destroyed the bridge linking the two cities a month ago, hoping to prevent any opposing force from advancing on Mosul, but the Peshmerga said its forces went around the bridge for Tuesday's attack.

U.S. air power appeared to play a role in the offensive. Two U.S. airstrikes targeted an armored vehicle and ISIS fighting position northwest of Irbil, according to the U.S. military. That's the same area where the Peshmerga operation was under way.


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