Ewall said Delta Thermo already may intend to install expensive control equipment to capture toxins, but added the company has not been very clear with the public about its planned technology for the plant. “There is nothing in writing saying ‘this is the exact process’.”

“These are money-making folks, not folks who are experts in knowing how not to pollute the community,” charged Ewall. “They don’t want to be responsible; they just want to make money.”

“I feel very strongly about this issue,” said Celeste Wadowski, co-chair of Allentown Residents For Clean Air. “We can’t afford another source of horrible pollution. My goal is for people to not have to worry about what they’re breathing. I hope this plant will not be built and that we get some more environmentally aware people on City Council.”

The full proposed ordinance can be seen at stoptheburn.org.