For another $1,000, the same signs will be used at basketball games and, for an additional $500, at soccer games. But soccer has one ad sign space left and basketball has only a few spaces left for the upcoming season, according to McGalla.

She said the advertising signs at football games will generate $24,000 for the district, while those at basketball games will generate $6,000 and those at soccer games will generate $2,000.

Parkland isn’t the only entity looking to generate revenue from advertising signs on an athletic field.

On Monday night, Emmaus borough council unanimously approved requests by the Emmaus Youth Association and Emmaus Football Association to erect advertising signs on fences, backstop area and backfield building at the rehabilitated ball field in Emmaus Community Park.

Those signs will be three-foot vinyl with grommets and will be taken down at the end of each season.

The borough will not derive any revenue from those signs, according to borough council member Wesley Barrett.