On a night the Easton Area School Board welcomed their own version of the Fab Four, they also elected a new president and vice president during a re-organizational meeting.

Frank Pintabone is now in charge of the nine-member board after receiving the full support of the board Tuesday night. He replaces Robert Fehnel.

The new vice president is Kerri Leonard-Ellison, who will take over from William Rider. Leonard-Ellison got the nod by a 6-2 vote, with Directors Robert Obey and Rider dissenting.

Prior to the vote, the re-organizational meeting featured the swearing in of new directors Michelle Price, Matt Monahan, Dominick Buscemi and Obey, who were elected last month.

The new board voted 8-1 to approve a memorandum designating a 13.15 percent reduction of stipends and supplemental salaries for district coaches, coordinators, intramural instructors and music instructor salaries.

Leonard-Ellison supplied the single "no" vote.

Rider called the agreement "outstanding" noting that the Easton Area Education Association deserved credit for compromising on the issue with the district habitually being strapped for cash.

The scenario, Rider noted, was "we can save some dollars or we can save some programs."

The amendment approved Tuesday night extends the previous agreement, signed December 20, 2007 through August 31, 2015.