Thirteen people were arrested after swarms of Allentown Police raided a Center City home Thursday night.

Investigators believe the house was the center of a neighborhood drug operation, and said some of those arrested may be connected to violence in the area.

Some of those charged insist police have it all wrong.

Assistant Police Chief Glen Dorney said numerous confidential tips led them to the house in the 500 block of New Street.

Dorney claimed the house is tied to several shootings in the neighborhood as well, a charge those arrested deny.

One woman charged with cocaine possession, who only wished to be identified as "Crystal," showed 69 News the mess left behind.

"When I came home, there was trash, cigarette butts, everything on my bed -- like they emptied the trash out on my bed," she said.

Dorney said officers seized cocaine and other drugs inside.

"They raided our house like it was a big drug house, like we had like a lot of drugs, or like we were kingpins and guns and stuff in the house," Crystal said. "They found no guns."

Dorney could not confirm whether officers found weapons in the home.

A search warrant says investigators were also looking for financial records, computers, and cell phones containing text messages.

According to Dorney, police are also investigating whether any of those arrested are tied to violence in the neighborhood, including a 2012 shootout between two teenagers. The victim may be permanently paralyzed from that attack.

"They try to portray it to be like a big drug house. It's not a drug house," said Crystal. "People just come and hang out and visit."

Dorney said additional arrests could be forthcoming.