"This is not unique to Northampton County. It's a problem statewide and some constables exceed their authority and believe they are police officers," Morganelli had said in response to that incident last year.

In April, a year long accountability study of constables was completed by the state legislature. It called for more supervision, more training and increased accountability.

"The position of constable really needs to be looked at, I think, especially the oversight and what happens with that," said former Allentown City Councilwoman Gail Hoover.

She said she is reminded of a 2003 dog shooting involving constables that started with them going to serve a warrant for unpaid parking tickets.

"I'm disturbed, really disturbed, that someone feels that it's okay to take out a gun and start firing over unpaid parking tickets," she said.

Hoover added, "The constable position is certainly worthy of still being in place. Most of the constables I've dealt with throughout the years are truly professional and do a great job, a great service."