A man who had been drinking sent his girlfriend to the hospital with head and arm injuries from a beating he gave her, officials said.

George Luis Leon knocked out his girlfriend when he assaulted her during an argument in their home in the 900 block of Hellertown Road in Bethlehem at 5 a.m. Sunday, officials said.

When police arrived, they had to subdue Leon, who was found in a driveway leaning into a vehicle where the victim was sitting with a crying baby, officials said.

While he was being handcuffed for refusing to step away from the vehicle, Leon, who smelled of alcohol, started yelling and would not stop, despite police commands, officials noted.

Leon's girlfriend had marks on her face and forehead and swelling around her right eye, officials said.

The woman telephoned her mother and stepmother after the attack, telling the former to come get her because she couldn't see out of her eye and the latter that Leon had "busted her eye," officials noted.

Leon, 21, was arraigned on charges of assault, public drunkenness, disorderly conduct and harassment and committed to the Northampton County Prison on $15,000 bail, according to court documents.

A preliminary hearing is set for 10:00 a.m. Dec. 6.