Police: Philip Walnock continued assault on wife after Halloween hayride

Author: , WFMZ.com Reporter
Published: Oct 29 2013 07:33:44 AM EDT

A man continued assaulting his wife after they returned home from a Halloween hayride, where he had grabbed her by the throat in front of several people, officials said.

Philip J. Walnock pushed his wife's head into a window and then smacked her head off the floor of their home in the 500 block of Longacre Drive, Lehigh Township, Northampton Co., when she began packing a bag as an argument escalated early Sunday morning, officials said.

Walnock's wife told police her husband initially attacked her during a hayride in Moore Township, Northampton Co., on Saturday night, when without warning he grabbed her by the throat and said, "Enough is enough. We're done here," officials said.

Walnock's wife said her husband may have become angry because she sometimes "likes to be the center of attention," officials noted.

Walnock began assaulting her again when they returned home and she threatened to call police, officials said.

Lehigh Township police were informed of Walnock's assault on his wife at the hayride by a detective from Upper Macungie Township, Lehigh Co., after friends of the Walnocks went to the detective's home and told him about it on Sunday, officials said.

The friends said they noticed Walnock's wife had injuries to her face and throat on Sunday morning, officials added.

When police arrived at the Walnocks home around 8:20 p.m. Sunday, they found Walnock's wife "upset and frantic" and trying "to suppress her emotions," officials said, adding that police observed the woman had a quarter-size bruise on the bridge of her nose, a three-inch scratch on her chin and several red marks on her neck.

Walnock, who was interviewed after he finished showering, denied assaulting his wife when they returned from the hayride, officials said.

Walnock, 40, was arraigned on charges of assault and harassment and committed to the Northampton County Prison on $2,500 bail, according to court documents.

A preliminary hearing is set for 10 a.m. Nov. 6.