Two teenagers have been charged for allegedly carrying machetes near a high school in Allentown.

Police said they were patrolling near William Allen High School around dismissal time on Friday after receiving reports that several rival gangs were planning to fight.

Officers noticed a group of people loitering in the area of West and Turner streets. They stopped the group and checked for weapons.

Police said two people in the group, Rene Diaz, 18, and Enrique Salvador, 18, both of Allentown, had 14-inch machetes concealed in their right pant legs.

Officers said the men do not attend the school and had no explanation as to why they were hanging around the area.

"The idea of a machete for some reason is a very frightening idea. It's almost rage rather than just mischief," said Jo Trepagnier, who works in the area.

"That's very scary, very scary," said Rachel Ziegler, whose eight-year-old daughter attends play practice at Allen. "I don't even know where people get machetes anymore, that's very odd."

Investigators said machetes have been used in numerous gang fights outside the high school around dismissal time.

Both Diaz and Salvador have been charged with possessing an instrument of crime.