Police took a man into custody Sunday for spitting blood into an officer's mouth.

According to an affidavit of probable cause, police officer Stephen James testified that on Sunday, at approximately 3:40 a.m. on the 700 block of West Tilghman Street, Sergeant Conjour saw a man standing in the road who refused to move for traffic.

James reported that Sergeant Conjour pulled over and attempted to remove the man from the road. The man, who displayed visible signs of intoxication, refused to move.

The affidavit shows the man had glossy, bloodshot eyes, a strong odor of alcohol on his breath and slurred speech. James' testimony said the man refused to identify himself to the officers and refused to comply with all orders.

Conjour tried to handcuff the man for public intoxication but he fled north on Eighth Street. Three other officers chased him on foot. Officer Koons used a Taser to gain control of the man police say.

The man still refused to cooperate with officers' request that he brings his hands behind his back. After several commands went unheeded, officers were finally able to get his hand from under his body. The man, still belligerent, even rolled onto his side and tried getting up, police say.

Once handcuffed, police were able to identify him from an ID card found in his pocket as Christopher Colon.

As police searched him, Colon turned and spat in Officer Jarrouj's face, causing him to get blood in his mouth and face.

Colon then turned towards Officer Koons and James. The officers took Colon to the ground to avoid being spat on. He continued to fight, trying to kick officers even while on the ground, police say.

EMS services transported Colon to Sacred Heart Hospital for care. Officer Jarrouj was also treated at the same hospital for blood exposure.

Assistant District Attorney Ed Muir approved all charges against Colon.